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May 19th, 2016 / Author: rbielsky

LOOKING FOR OFFICE SPACE THAT IS READY FOR YOU TO MOVE IN? Located on W 21st between 5th and 6th ave, this office space features many amenities that will cater to your growing company's needs. KEY FEATURES: *Dry pantry *Attended lobby *24/7 access *Verizon FIOs *Central AC *Well maintained *Waiting/reception area *Production studio that doubles as a conference room *One windowed ...

Avoid These 4 Lease Renewal Mistakes

August 21st, 2015 / Author: rbielsky

Where there's a lease, there is, inevitably, a lease renewal. And lease renewal time can mean different things for you depending on how you approach it. It's possible to negotiate improved amenities or inducements — basically your landlord's money going toward updates to your property. But, if you handle it ...

Evict Your Landlord With an MCR Sublease

April 9th, 2014 / Author: rbielsky

Our customers tell us all the time, “as soon as my lease is up, I am out of here.” Why wait? All that you need is a good sublease. Manhattan Commercial Realty combines the marketing savvy to bring quality customers to your door, with the expertise and experience to close the deal. ...

6 Tips on Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Landlord or Property Manager

March 14th, 2014 / Author: rbielsky

As a commercial tenant, your lease is likely set for several years. Any tensions that arise may bleed into other areas of your business relationship. Repairs may not occur timely or amenities may become unavailable and your business could suffer. Therefore it’s important that you maintain a good relationship with ...

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