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No Broker Fees on all Commercial Leases

no broker fees for commercial real estate leasing

All of the Benefits. None of the Cost.

The beauty of using a commercial real estate agent is that your would-be landlord pays any fees. We take care of the hassle so you can concentrate on running your business and moving into your new office space. Often, clients confuse commercial  real estate with residential. On the residential side, the tenant pays the broker a fee to find the apartment or home. Even when the space is advertised as a “no-fee” apartment, the fee is actually built into the rent. That’s not the case in commercial leasing.

There’s No Cost to You

You see, it’s in the landlord’s interest to the pay the fee. The landlord wants the broker to bring him a vetted, long term tenant with the financial wherewithal to sustain the space for the duration of the lease. Commercial buildings are expensive to operate, but landlords are too busy  to talk to potential tenants. By using office space in NYC, you get all the benefits. We have thirty years experience serving commercial clients in NYC. We only employee the most talented leasing agents. By using our firm, you will undoubtedly achieve the lowest possible negotiated rent.

“Only the best commercial spaces.”
– MCR Chairman Robert Bielsky

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