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Lease Renewal – Renegotiate Your Commercial Space

commercial lease renewals

Renewing an office lease is a tricky business

Changing market conditions and the desire of both the tenant and landlord to capitalize on the lease agreement makes it the cat-and-mouse game of the industry. The landlord is ahead of the game with his understanding of the ups and downs of the market and the worth of his property.

The tenant is real estate prey

One of the biggest mistakes commercial tenants make is failing to renegotiate with the landlord at the end of the original lease. After all, the lease renewal is just a brand new lease, but this time you are armed with information about the space and the landlord’s service.

It is imperative the tenant to hire representation. Our brokers know how to find ways to amend your commercial lease favorably. If you fail to have a broker present, you will forfeit any educated amendments to your lease. Further, a broker will make the landlord take you seriously, and realize that there is a chance of losing a tenant.

As long as your current space meets your objectives and needs, it’s always advantageous to stay at your location, otherwise you’ll incur tremendous costs by moving and refitting a new space.  Bring proper commercial space representation so you get the best deal.

“Lease renewal representation can save you money.”
– MCR Chairman Robert Bielsky

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