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Avoid Costly Mistakes – Use a Commercial Broker

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Save Money with a Commercial Real Estate Broker

If your business is like most, you will rent office space in Manhattan only a few times. Over the life of a business, most do their best to stay put, as moving to another location can be costly and time-consuming. However, NYC landlords rent their commercial real estate space over and over again. Property owners in Manhattan are experienced at renting their own property. They know all the tricks and have all the tools to get the most money out of their commercial and industrial spaces.

Don’t make the costly mistake of negotiating a lease without an agent. You could cause yourself millions of dollars over the course of your lease. Level the playing field by working with one of the best Manhattan tenant representatives. For the same reason you wouldn’t go into court without a lawyer, you should always have a proper real estate agent. Take advantage of the personal assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced commercial real estate tenant representatve.

“We only represent tenants. Never landlords.”
– MCR Chairman Robert Bielsky

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